And with the sprig of a fruited olive, man is purified in extreme health...

We faith in a future built on our past with passion and love for this divine gift of nature. With the utmost respect for the environment and its biodiversity using the least intervening growing methods, the 3o team strives towards achieving the excellence. Our values culminate in the production of three distinguished – all organic – extra virgin olive oil labels with flavours and aromas of our region: the LIMITED, the ORGANIC and the ORGANIC MILD.

Holistic Approach

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, natural plant fertilization, compost, and biological pest control and strictly avoids the use of any synthetic fertilizer or pesticide.

Mediterranean Diet & Olive Oil

At the center of the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet, prompted for daily use, is olive oil.
The tree that produces it, the Mediterranean olive, will continue to travel through time and culture.

Our Blog

Learn more about olive oil and our holistic procedure.

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